Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Have tried to post this twice tonight but laptop keeps failing so here are the facts, just short and sweet:

Got into bed at 5am and woke up at 9am, so do the math, I'm exhausted! Its after 11pm here so def turning in soon.

Paid 6 bucks for Nescafe coffee - love those tourist prices! Grabbed an apple and my free map nad hit the Old City (where I am staying also)

Followed the Via Dolorosa, which is the path of Crist from his Judgment from Pontius Pilate to his crucifiction and resurrection. Mind you the last 3 stations are in the Church of the Holy Selpchure that I visited last night.

I also visited the following:

Site of the Last Supper
Tomb of King David
Wester Wall of Temple of the Mount
Church of the Domination
Muslim, Christian and Jewish Quarters of the Old City

and also menaged to go thru 4 of the 6 gates of entry into the old city. Need to Hit Herod's gate tomorrow as well as one other............

Cheap eats in the Arabic Quarter and interesting mix of church bells and Call to Prayer. My hostel has a nice rooftop, which is perfect int he afternoon to avoid the sun.

Happy Easter to all

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  1. Melissa---Those pix are fantastic!! Just beautiful! And I love your posts! Wonderful detail. I can picture it. Great job, girl!