Thursday, April 14, 2011


Finally landed in Cairo tonight, got luggage and visa and was out the door in less than half and hour! Cab ride was the best part, as there seems to be no traffic pattern here, the driving here reminds me of Mexico City with a little Boston mixed in, and if you've been to Boston you know what I mean. My hostel is not clearly marked so the poor cabbie couldn't find it, but eventually we stumbled upon it. Its actually an old building made up of 4 hotstels, thankfully we have the top floor with the roof! Beautiful breeze tonight as I blog.....nice German traveler also up here with me feeding the wild cats salt and vinegar crisps. a bit surreal. After checking in and unpacking I ended up navigating the streets of Cairo tonight, yes alone, to find the Vodaphone store. In Egypt the weekend starts on a Friday, so tonight the streets were packed as everyone was out! Date night! No pedestrian flow either, which is a nice reminder of NYC! People are just everywhere, can't imagine how it was during the revolution. An interesting note- Tomorrow the demonstration that was planned was cancelled due to Hosni and sons being arrested. And the military is out at Tahir Squre and in front of the Museum painting fences and planting grass to help "pitch in". Apparently the military here is known to "do anything". Very interesting, and can't wait t visit tomorrow afternoon. I plan to take the Metro to Giza tomorrow. yes the subway to the pyramids, how cool is that?? There I will meet a friend of a friend who is showing me around Giza. Then in the afternoon, more of Cairo. That's it for now. More tomorrow ~ma' a salama


  1. Glad you are already having fun.

  2. Fascinating. You're packing a lot into each day. I love hearing your descriptions. Keep it coming. Taking the Metro to Giza. Tres cool.