Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tel Aviv - Part 2

Since I was already at the Central Bus Station when I arrived, I bought my ticket for tommorow for Tiberius (about 2 hours away to the east). I plan on renting a bike and biking around the Sea of Galilee and visiting Capernum and other historical biblical spots. The sea is referred to as Lake Kinneret here in Israel is only 37km around. Should be a 5 hour ride more or less.

My hostel in Tel Aviv is in a great location, only 4 blocks or so from the coast of he Mediterranean and near lots of shops, cafes, etc..

Again, only 25 USD per night for shared room. This one is alot cleaner than the one in Jerusalem but the staff is a bit snootier.

They do have a nice deck, so I can sit here and use the wireles while watching the world go by.

All for now.

Getting a bit tired and actually looking forward to my bathtub. I am starting to stink. Not me, but my clothes as I keep wearing the same ones over and over, even though I apparently packed for 2 weeks in the South of france.

Love to all

cha cha


  1. I didn't realize you had so much biblical knowledge or interest. Found out something new about you.

  2. This is an amazing journey. You'er going to places in Isreael and Egypt before th at I've only seen in pictures and read about. Love the descriptions. ---Maggie