Friday, April 29, 2011

Tel aviv

Hi all -

my one day in Tel Aviv was pretty relaxed, except for getting my Jordanian visa and finding out it was 50$ more than I had budgeted for. I was done by noon and by time I had gotten back to my hotel is was raining a bit, so I used the time to pack and research my hotel in Jordan, etc...

The two hour lapse in rain allowed me to take an hour stroll down the beach to Yafo the old city. QAuite beautiful but alas I forgot my camera. I returned in time to meet an old friend from NYC for dinner. She is Israeli and moved back last spring. We used to work together at a company in NJ.

She showed me around, and had a fabulous time catching up. I was exhausted though but stayed up a little later because the thunderstorm over the city had a tremoundous light show and the rooftop of the hotel provided awesome views.

When I got back to my room I was in for a shock when I couldn't find my alarm clock, and without an alarm I knew my bod y wouldn't wake by 5:30 am on its own to catch an early bus to Jerusalem.

At least by staying up I caught a taxi early and boarded the first 6am bus to Jerusalem!!!! I can always sleep in NYC, so it didn't really matter. That's my favorite rainy Sunday afternoon pastime anyway.

More soon.

I had no choice but to stay awake ALL NIGHT - UGHHHHHHH. Found out later it was "borrowed" by someone in the room, so I did get in back in the end!!

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