Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello from Tel Aviv

Finally made it to Tel Aviv where I will be here until Friday when I depart for Jordan. THis morning I caught a bus to the Dead Sea, didn't make it Ein Gid where most people go, I actually opted for Kahli beach which was perfect for what I wanted. Small amounts of people, plenty of mud, and lots of salty water to soak in. The floating sensation is amazing, and although I heard you can walk on the water, I was unable to. But I packed a ton of mud on, and let it bake in. Quite an interesting experience. Its so squishy underneath your feet, just reach down and slather it on. Alot of fun. Took some cute pics but agian with the other camera.

I only spent a few hours as it was HOT and the buses coming back were not that frequent. When I got back into town I had enough time for a cheap street schwarma from the Arabs (they make the best and they are the cheapest) then headed for Tel Aviv on a sherut (shared taxi)]

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