Friday, April 22, 2011

Mt SInai

These postings will be short as my laptop will want to restart soon due to har drive errors...

MT Sinai! So I ended up taking the 11pm tour and got to the base of Mt Sinai at about 1am. There was a group of about 15 of us and we were assigned a guide and started to ascend to mountain at about 1 ish. We had an interesting mix in our group and our guide assigned us the name of Mish Mish so he could call out to us during the hike and find us when we answered.

The trail up the mountain was long but not that steep, but extremely rocky. Helpul with the almost full moon as not many of us had flashlights. And yes, I wore my birkenstocks. Cha Cha wore sandals. I'm sorry didn't you know my name? It's Melissa, in Greek it means HoneyBee and in every other language it means "woman of poor judgment". Welcome to my life.

But Moses wore sandals, and so did Jesus. And Jerry Garcia. So I knew all would be well. And it was, En shalla.

This is ending of post 1..........

Want to get as much uploaded before computer goes kapput

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