Friday, April 22, 2011

Mt Sinai

So we ascended up the mountain and go to the top at about 4am when I then snooooooooozed for about an hour before the sun peaked at 5ish. Absolutely amazing!

The trip down was either by the way we came up, or by the 3000 Steps of Repentance that leads directly to the Monastary of St Catherine. (My middle name is Catherine and I do think Maggie named me after her?????????? Mum?) She was tortured by the wheel and then beheaded back in something AD). I need to repent and with my ferious fear of sliding down the slope, I took the steps.

Amazing vistas! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Pics have been uploaded.

The Monastary was actually closed due to Holy Week, but we were able to go into the courtyard and take pics.

More later.


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